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5 Things to Consider Before Adopting a Dog

Deciding to adopt a new dog is an important decision that should be thought out carefully . If you are considering to add a new member to your family its important to do these 5 things:

1. Research Breeds

Though you may have always dreamed of owning a Husky or German Shepard, it is important to understand what generally to expect with each. Some breeds require massive exercise and space, some like to sleep all day, there are howlers, and there are chewers. Every dog has its own personality, but in each breed has certain traits you should expect to be more prevalent. Make sure the dog you want is cohesive with your lifestyle!

2. Understand The Cost

If I could save and adopt 100 dogs, I would, but that is just a dream. With any dog you should consider always consider the monthly cost of food and treats and ensure there is room in your budget. For most dogs having a good supply of toys is important to protect your belongings from falling victim, especially puppies. Going to be working? You may need to use an app like "Wag!" to have someone walk your pup (use referral code VANESSA2821 to try it out) It is also very important to put aside a little money each month for trips to the vet. Vet bills can often be pricey so it is important to save and be ready.

3. If You Have Other Pets or Kids, Schedule A Home Visit

Especially when adopting an older dog, it is important to ensure that your new pup will get along well with your other pets or kids. A power struggle for Alpha can be dangerous and a hands full so introduce your new dog to your existing pets properly. Puppies get along well with kids but its important to ensure older rescue pups meet your kids before moving in to prevent and dangerous situations.


4. Understand The Time Commitment

If you do not already care for a dog then you need to consider the effect it will have on your schedule. Dogs need to be walked every single day, and exercised regularly outside of that (hikes and play dates). You need to leave enough time in your routine to feed your dog each morning and night. If you have are adopting a puppy then he/she will need walks even more regularly and you should plan time specifically for training. If you are caring for your dog properly, then you will often have to schedule your plans around them.

5. Your Not Just Getting a Pet, Your Growing Your Family

When you get your new pup you are sure to fall in love, and your new pet will quickly become an important part of your family. Adopting is sure to bring new adventures and hardships, but is a life changing experience that will bring new joy to your life.


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    The most loving dog breed in the world is called a rescued.

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