We Donate $1 for every Product Sold!


 Hello Everyone,

Thank you so much for visiting Canine Love Co. and exploring to learn more! To the left you see me, Mario, founder of this site holding my handsome rescue pup Winston.

There has always been a soft spot in my heart for animals, especially dogs. I grew up with animals that were pampered and loved, but also saw many animals that were not so lucky.Trust me, if I could adopt 50 dogs and care for them all, I would, but that just is not reasonable. I wanted to do something to help those animals that I can not save myself, and then a light turned on.

From my passion for animals and desire to contribute to their safety and care sprouted, Canine Love Co. I have always dreamed of starting an online business, so I chose to incorporate my love for animals into a company that does something meaningful by contributing to help protect, shelter, and care for animals across the world.

Here at Canine Love Co, our main mission is to give back. To achieve this goal we promise to donate $1 per product purchased, to the featured organization or charity with a goal of raising $1,000.

**Every 2 weeks we will feature a new charity or Organization**

I want everyone to experience the warm fuzzy feeling of playing a role in giving back to something they care about, so I invite you to submit your favorite local or national charity/organization.

You can submit your favorite/local charity or organization to be featured by emailing the organizations details to CanineLoveCo@Gmail.com. Organizations will be featured in the order received and include a special shout out to YOU for submitting an organization.